Admiralty & Aviation

The firm renders legal advice on admiralty and aviation, to ship owners, aircraft owners, charterers, financial institutions, insurance or other personnel in the shipping or aviation field. The firm’s lawyers are experts in the operations of the registration of ships with the Registrar of Ships at the Grenada Port Authority. Financing for ship purchases, the recording and removal of mortgages, drafting charter agreements, attending to vessel arrest and the purchase and sale of ships and aircrafts, are all specialized areas offered by the firm. The procedure for Admiralty matters is regulated by the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Civil Procedure Rules 2000 as amended, which governs all procedures of the High Court of Grenada.


  1. Shipping Act Chapter 303 of the laws of Grenada
  2. Shipping (Registration) Regulations SRO 51 of 1997
  3. Administration Act 1956 of England
  4. Civil Aviation Act Chapter 54A of the laws of Grenada
  5. Carriage of Goods by Sea Act Chapter 43 of the laws of Grenada