Consumer Protection

Consumer protection consists of laws and organizations designed to ensure the rights of consumers as well as fair trade competition and the free flow of accurate information to the consumer. Consumer protection law is an area of law that regulates private legal relationships between individual consumers and the businesses that sell goods and services, protection of consumer interests, in relation to the supply of goods and the provision of services, to ensure protection of life, health and safety of consumers, rights to privacy, unfair trade practices, fraud, misrepresentation and other consumer/business interactions.

Our firm provides strategic advice on consumer protection to ensure the rights of consumers, as well as practical solutions that resolve disputes related to unfair trade practices. When litigation becomes necessary, our Attorneys put into motion strategies and remedies to obtain the best legal outcome for our clients.


  1. Consumer Protection Act 2 of 2018
  2. Food & Drugs Act Chapter 110 of the laws of Grenada
  3. Hire Purchase Act Chapter 134 of the laws of Grenada
  4. Standards Act Chapter 310 of the laws of Grenada
  5. Health Practitioners Act Chapter 132A of the laws of Grenada