Intellectual Property

The firm’s Intellectual Property Office is one of the leading trademark and patent Agents in Grenada. Intellectual Property Law regulates the rights of persons or parties over original ideas and information. Since this property is not tangible, surrounding rights must be carefully monitored and protected especially in this modern age where information is easily accessible, replicable and saleable by persons who are not the originators of the property. As trademark and patent agents, we provide our clients with assistance in the application for registration and renewing of trademarks and patents, applications for the withdrawal or cancellation of trademarks, recording of change of ownership, recording of change of address, comprehensive trademark searches, copyright and merchandise marks. Our lawyers also offer legal advise on the preparation of claims to defend priority rights over trademarks and patents.


  1. Copyright Act Chapter 67 of the laws of Grenada
  2. Trademarks Act No. 1 of 2012

Patents Act Chapter 227 of the laws of Grenada