Acquisitions and Mergers

Mergers and acquisitions involving privately or publicly held companies require legal advice on a number of key legal issues. The firm’s knowledge and experience allows its Attorneys to offer expert advise to Boards of Directors of publicly held companies, offerors and financial advisers in these complex transactions which traverse not only the domestic market but also multi-jurisdictional markets.

Administration of Estates

The firm provides advise on estate management and planning, offering legal services to clients on the preparation of their Last Will and Testaments and testamentary dispositions. The Wills Act and the Intestate Estate Act governs testamentary succession, and our lawyers are well prepared to assist our clients in the application process to the Supreme Court of Grenada for Letters of Administration, Grants of Probate, Resealing of Foreign Grants, and all other estate related matters.

legislation Includes:
1) Wills Act Chapter 340 of the laws of Grenada
2) Intestate Estate Act Chapter 154 of the laws of Grenada
3) Supreme Court (Non-Contentious Probate and Administration of Estates) Act SRO 13 of 2021
3)Probate Act Chapter 255 of the laws of Grenada

Admiralty & Aviation

The firm renders legal advice on admiralty and aviation, to ship owners, aircraft owners, charterers, financial institutions, insurance or other personnel in the shipping or aviation field. The firm’s lawyers are experts in the operations of the registration of ships with the Registrar of Ships at the Grenada Port Authority. Financing for ship purchases, the recording and removal of mortgages, drafting charter agreements, attending to vessel arrest and the purchase and sale of ships and aircrafts, are all specialized areas offered by the firm. The procedure for Admiralty matters is regulated by the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Civil Procedure Rules 2023 Revised Edition, which govern all procedures of the High Court of Grenada.

legislation Includes:
1) Shipping Act Chapter 303 of the Laws of Grenada
2) Shipping (Registration) Regulations SRO 51 of 1997
3) Administration Act 1956 of England
4) Civil Aviation Act Chapter 54A of the Laws of Grenada
5) Carriage of Goods by Sea Act Chapter 43 of the Laws of Grenada
6) Territorial Sea and Maritime Boundaries Act Chapter 318 of the Laws of Grenada

Alternative Dispute Resolution

There are several types of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods which serve as options to litigation in court. The Firm provides services in three types of ADR; Arbitration, Mediation and Med-Arb. The firm’s lawyers are the leaders in arbitrations and mediations. Offering private meditation services to clients by our in-house trained Mediator, the firm is able to offer both claimants, defendants and disputing parties top-notch legal, strategic and logical advice.

legislation Includes:
1) Arbitration Act Chapter 19 of the laws of Grenada
2) Arbitration (Foreign Awards) Act Chapter 20 of the laws of Grenada
3) Ombudsman Act 218B

Banking and Securities Support Services

We represent international and domestic banks and financial institutions on a wide range of financial matters. We offer expert legal advice on regulatory and compliance issues, licensing of financial institutions, secured loan transactions, debt and equity financing, debentures, securities, and formulating and negotiating general commercial contracts. We provide our clients tailored legal and commercial solutions based on their needs.

legislation Includes:
1) Banking Act 20 of 2015 of the Laws of Grenada
2) Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Act Chapter 85 of the Laws of Grenada
3) Grenada Authority for The Regulation Of Financial Institutions Act Chapter 125A of the Laws of Grenada
4) Co-Operative Societies Act 8 of 2011 of the Laws of Grenada
5) Securities Act Chapter 299A of the Laws of Grenada

Bankruptcy & Insolvency

The firm’s lawyers offer legal advice to insolvent companies, individuals on debt restructuring, creditors and other companies experiencing bankruptcy and financial difficulties. The firm has represented liquidators and judicial managers, ensuring legislative acquiescence during liquidation, collection and distribution of the assets of a company in liquidation to secured and unsecured creditors.

Legislation Includes:
1) Bankruptcy Act 15 of 2016 of the Laws of Grenada.

Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law refers to the rights conferred by virtue of a State’s Constitution. The Constitution of Grenada is the supreme law of the land, providing for the human rights of all persons within the State of Grenada, including the right to life and security of the person. The firm has vast experience in the handling of human rights and constitutional claims involving government entities and statutory bodies. These claims include matters of judicial review and claims of breaches of constitutional rights.

Legislation Includes:
1) Grenada Constitution Act Chapter 128A

Construction Law

The firm represents developers, project owners, regional and local contractors, and well as specialist regional and local sub-contractors. Our legal services span a cross section of construction law, with the drafting of standard bidding and contract documents, advice on tendering procedures, preparation of tender documents and contracts for traditional and non-traditional methods of procurement for construction and infrastructure projects.

Legislation Includes:
1) Physical Planning & Development Control Act 23 of 2016 of the Laws of Grenada

Consumer Protection

Consumer protection consists of laws designed to ensure the rights of consumers as well as fair trade competition and the free flow of accurate information to the consumer. Consumer protection law is an area of law that regulates legal relationships between individual consumers and the businesses that sell goods and services, protection of consumer interests, in relation to the supply of goods and the provision of services, to ensure protection of life, health and safety of consumers, rights to privacy, unfair trade practices, fraud, misrepresentation and other consumer/business interactions.

Our firm provides strategic advice on consumer protection to ensure the rights of consumers, as well as practical solutions that resolve disputes related to unfair trade practices. When litigation becomes necessary, our attorneys put into motion strategies and remedies to obtain the best legal outcome for our clients.

Legislation Includes:
1) Consumer Protection Act 2 of 2018
2) Food & Drugs Act Chapter 110 of the Laws of Grenada
3) Hire Purchase Act Chapter 134 of the Laws of Grenada
4) Standards Act Chapter 310 of the Laws of Grenada

Corporate & Corporate Restructuring

Our firm has worked with several companies on corporate restructuring and also with companies facing significant financial and operational challenges. Our attorney's distinctive set of capabilities enables us to help clients swiftly stabilize operations, while also assisting in the implementation of long term financial and operational objectives. We offer legal advice on joint ventures, franchise agreements, limited liability companies and non-profit companies incorporation, the registration of external companies, and the registration of business names. The firm has built a reputation as the firm to go to for corporate legal matters.

Legislation Includes:
1) Companies Act Chapter 58A of the Laws of Grenada
2) Registration of Business Names Act 5 of 2012 of the Laws of Grenada
3) Annual Stamp Tax Act Chapter 16A of the Laws of Grenada
4) Income Tax Act Chapter 149 of the 2010 Revised Edition of the Laws of Grenada
5) Stamp Act Chapter 309 of the 2010 Revised Edition of the Laws of Grenada
6) VAT Act Chapter 333A of the 2010 Revised Edition of the Laws of Grenada

Debt Collection

Since our founding in 1980, debt collection has been at the core of the firm’s areas of expertise. This area of law is concerned with the enforcement of legal liability for the payment of money arising from a pre-existing legal relationship based on property law, consumer contracts, loan agreements, general contracts or any other area of law in which there is an agreement for payment of money. One of few law firms with a well-rounded debt-collection practice, acting for both debtors and creditors, we have a dedicated Debt Collection team who advise a wide range of banks, credit unions, companies, businesses, and individuals.

Employment & Labour Law

The Employment Act of the Laws of Grenada is not only geared towards the protection of the rights of employees, but also the rights of employers in employment disputes. Employment Law encompasses a substantial area of law, ranging from employment contracts to employee discrimination, employment policies, discipline and termination. Our firm has represented a wide range of clients on employment law related issues, and we are known for our ability to assist in the resolution of employment disputes for companies, corporations and government entities.

Legislation Includes:
1) Employment Act Chapter 89 of the Laws of Grenada
2) Labour Relations Act Chapter 157A of the Laws of Grenada
3) National Insurance Act Chapter 205 of the Laws of Grenada

Environmental Law

We handle some of the most complex environmental issues, making our Firm a market leader in environmental law. Environmental Law is concerned with the regulation of human interference with the natural environment in terms of general interactions such as hunting and fishing regulations as well as the protection of endangered species. While our firm understands the ever-changing environmental landscape, our lawyers stay abreast of the environmental regimes to adequately advise our clients on navigating the changing landscape.

Legislation Includes:
1) Fisheries Act Chapter 108 of the laws of Grenada
2) Abatement of Litter Act 4 of 2015 of the Laws of Grenada
3) Integrated Coastal Zone Management Act No. 8 of 2019
4) Physical Planning and Development Control Act No. 23 of 2016
5) Civil Liability For Oil Pollution Damage (International Convention) Act Chapter 54B of the laws of Grenada
6) Forest, Soil and Water Conservation Act Chapter 116 of the Laws of Grenada

Family Law

The firm’s family law legal services include, matrimonial proceedings, advising on legal issues arising as a result of the dissolution of marriage, matters related to care and custody of children in the context of divorce or separation, matters relating to child maintenance and access, adoption and cohabitation agreements. Our lawyers also offer advise on the resolution of family property and financial disputes.

legislation Includes:
1) Child (Protection and Adoption) Act Chapter 44A of the laws of Grenada
2) Matrimonial Causes Act UK 1973
3) Domestic Violence Act Chapter 84 of the laws of Grenada
4) Status of Children Act Chapter 311A of the laws of Grenada
5)Guardianship Act 1973 UK


Foreclosure is the process used by mortgage holders, or mortgagees, to enforce the statutory power of sale. The firm has extensive experience with foreclosures and foreclosure defense. We represent financial institutions and borrowers throughout the foreclosure process and handle both commercial and residential foreclosures. As part of the firm’s commitment to personalized legal representation for our clients, we evaluate the foreclosure process to determine an effective plan of action.

legislation Includes:
1) Conveyancing and Law of Property Act Chapter 64 of the laws of Grenada

Insurance Law

Insurance law governs the relationships and obligations between insurers and policyholders, covering areas like property, health, liability, and life insurance. Our firm excels in this field, offering extensive experience and a deep understanding of policy intricacies and claims. We are dedicated to protecting your rights, ensuring fair treatment, and achieving the best outcomes through skilled negotiations and litigation. By choosing us, you benefit from personalised attention and expert advocacy in all your insurance law needs.

legislation Includes:
1) Insurance Act Chapter 150 of the Laws of Grenada
2) International Insurance Act 152B of the Laws of Grenada

Intellectual Property

The firm’s Intellectual Property department is one of the leading trademark and patent agents in Grenada. Intellectual Property Law regulates the rights of persons or parties over original ideas and information. Since this property is not tangible, surrounding rights must be carefully monitored and protected especially in this modern age where information is easily accessible, replicable and saleable by persons who are not the originators of the property. As trademark and patent agents, we provide our clients with assistance in the application for registration and renewing of trademarks and patents, applications for the withdrawal or cancellation of trademarks, recording of change of ownership, recording of change of address, comprehensive trademark searches, copyright and merchandise marks. Our lawyers also offer legal advise on the preparation of claims to defend priority rights over trademarks and patents.

Legislation Includes:
1) Copyright Act Chapter 67 of the laws of Grenada
2) Trademarks Act No. 1 of 2012
3) Patents Act Chapter 227 of the laws of Grenada

Investment & Development Law

Our firm offers advice in respect of matters related to private investment protection and trade and investment law.

legislation Includes:
1) Investment Act No. 42 of 2014
2) Grenada Investment Development Corporation Act No. 30 of 2016

Private, Commercial & Corporate Litigation

Litigation requires not only experts in the law but experience is paramount. The firm’s litigators have represented clients in all stages of domestic and international litigation. The firm’s integrated practice structure provides clients with strong legal support, no matter where our clients are situated. Our lawyers are equipped to deal with the full range of the dispute resolution process: from pre-action legal advice and investigative work, to negotiations, mediations and trials. Our litigation team practice includes, commercial and contract disputes, debt collection, employment disputes, land disputes, insurance disputes, personal injuries and judicial review litigation. We represent clients effectively in complex contentious matters at all tiers of the Court, likewise in alternative dispute resolution matters, in mediation and arbitration proceedings.

Legislation Includes:
1) West Indies Associated States Supreme Court (Grenada) Act Chapter 336 of the laws of Grenada
2) Limitations of Actions Act Chapter 173 of the laws of Grenada
3) Civil Procedure Act Chapter 55 of the laws of Grenada
4) Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Civil Procedure Rules 2023 Revised Edition, which govern all procedures of the High Court of Grenada

Property & Real Estate Law

Property and real estate law covers the rules and regulations related to the ownership, use, and transfer of real property. This includes residential and commercial transactions, landlord-tenant issues, zoning, and land use. Our firm excels in this field, offering extensive experience and a deep understanding of the legal complexities involved in property and real estate matters. We are committed to protecting your interests, ensuring compliance with all relevant laws, and achieving favourable outcomes through skilled negotiation and litigation. By choosing us, you gain personalised attention and expert advocacy for all your property and real estate law needs.

legislation Includes:
1) Conveyancing and Law of Property Act Chapter 186 of the Laws of Grenada
2) Real and Personal Property (Special Provisions) Act Chapter 273 of the Laws of Grenada
3) Partition Act Chapter 225 of the Laws of Grenada
4) Married Women's Property Act Chapter 186 of the Laws of Grenada
5) Property Tax Act Chapter 257B of the Laws of Grenada
6) Property Transfer Tax Chapter 257C of the Laws of Grenada

Revenue & Taxation

Tax problems can jeopardize a corporation’s professional reputation or an individual and can cost that corporation or individual substantial time, money and stress. Whether our firm is advising a corporation on a proposed business deal or representing a business or an individual before the Tax Appeal Board, our Attorneys tailor our legal representation to meet the precise needs of our clients. The firm’s Attorneys work closely with corporations and business to provide practical and privileged level advice and solutions to ensure compliance with the tax laws of Grenada. Our firm provides legal advice on anti-money laundering, financial services regulations, property tax and property transfer tax, income tax, withholding tax, value added tax, and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

Legislation Includes:
1) Income Tax Act Chapter 149 of the laws of Grenada
2) Value Added Tax Act Chapter 333A of the laws of Grenada
3) United States of America – Grenada Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act No. 4 of 2017
4) Gaming Act No. 21 of 2016
5) Tax Administration Act No. 14 of 2016
6) Stamp Act Chapter 309 of the 2010 Revised Edition of the Laws of Grenada


As a trusted law firm in the area of telecommunications, the firm’s highly skilled Grenada telecommunications attorneys have advised and managed a variety of legal issues and cases for clients. The firm’s reputable lawyers carefully analyze each issue and case and form sound strategies to efficiently manage our clients’ cases. The firm provides advice on telecommunications licensing and registration, as well as e-commerce and internet regulations.

Legislation Includes:
1) Public Telecommunications Act Chapter 268 of the Laws of Grenada
2) Telecommunications Act Chapter Chapter 315C of the Laws of Grenada

Timeshare & Condominium Development

Regarded as one of Grenada’s leading law firms in the area of timeshare and condominium development, the firm is recognized for its extensive experience in structuring complex timeshare and condominium development transactions throughout, registering condominium declarations, and by-laws for condominium corporations and providing legal advise on the creation, and management of timeshare and vacation projects, and the protection of purchasers of condominiums and timeshare and vacation plans. Our expertise includes the preparation of condominium governing documents and declarations, timeshare ownership arrangements, fee simple titles, subdivision planning, easements, , service charges and rights of way. Our team of Attorneys brings experience and direction to property developers and investors on an array of timeshare and condominium transactions and development options.

legislation Includes:
1) Condominium Act Chapter 60 of the laws of Grenada
2) Time-share and Vacation Plan Act No. 3 of 2016